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General Terms and Conditions

1. Contract terms and conditions and their scope

1.1 The following conditions govern the use of the Tauri World game and other services related to the Tauri World game, such as: payment for additional functionalities, competitions, bonuses, etc., provided by Level Up Games Inc. on its website. During registration, you accept a contract with Level Up Games Inc., regarding the Tauri World game.

1.2 Level Up Games Inc., within its technical and operational capacity, will make the Tauri World game and other services related to the Tauri World game available to users, ensuring their availability at an average of 98 per cent of days a year. This does not include periods in which the use of Tauri World game and other services will be interrupted for technical reasons or the necessity to carry out maintenance work, for which in accordance with the provisions of this contract Level Up Games Inc. shall not be responsible.

1.3 Tauri World and other services will be constantly improved, updated and adapted. Therefore, the user will have the opportunity to participate in the latest version of the Tauri World game or any other services offered.

1.4 Tauri World game and other services offered by Level Up Games Inc. are intended solely for entertainment purposes. It is forbidden to use them for commercial and business purposes.

1.5 The User is responsible for updating and the suitability of the hardware and software used.

1.6 In addition to the general terms and conditions, the Tauri World game rules shall apply, if such exist. In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions of the Tauri World game, the priority is given to the terms contained in the terms of use.

1.7 In the case of the Tauri World game and other services, the user has the right to use services from partners of Level Up Games Inc. with whom the company made agreements. In this case, the user and partners of Level Up Games Inc. make separate agreements. The user will be duly notified about this before such an agreement is made.

1.8 Provisions different from these conditions or the user’s general terms and conditions apply only upon Level Up Games Inc.’s prior consent in writing.

2. Entering the contract

2.1 User registration is necessary in order to use the Tauri World game and other services offered by Level Up Games Inc.

2.2 Only individual entities can register. A user can register only as one person, (the user cannot be a group, family, life partners, etc.). If the user is a minor, he/she will submit his legal guardian’s consent along with the registration form.

2.3 During registration the user is required to submit a player’s name. The user has no right to demand the allocation of a specific user name. A user name cannot infringe the rights of third parties or moral standards. E-mail addresses or web addresses cannot be submitted as a player’s name. The user is responsible for providing complete and accurate data to Level Up Games Inc. during the registration process.

2.4 Registration is made in person. Registration through third parties, especially those register particular members in connection with work performed for various teleservice companies (application or registration services) is prohibited.

2.5 Acceptance of the registration application is done on the English version of www.tauriworld.com automatically. In this case, Level Up Games Inc. registers the new user and enables the user’s account when the player submits the registration form. Along with the user’s registration and activation, an agreement is concluded between the user and Level Up Games Inc. for an indefinite period of time, under the following conditions. In justified cases, due to technical reasons, the registration procedure may be different from the one described. In this case, the user will be duly notified.

2.6 After registration, the user creates a user account, which can be administered by him/her.

2.7 User accounts cannot be transferred to third parties without the explicit consent of Level Up Games Inc.

2.8 No claims can be made with respect to registration and activation. In ’one world’ of the Tauri World game, a Tauri World user can register only once. If the user has already signed up in a particular world, he/she cannot make any other registrations or submit other or different personal data during the game.

3. Instructions regarding cancellation / withdrawal of the user’s declaration

Right of cancellation / withdrawal of the user declaration
It is possible to withdraw one’s declaration regarding the contract within two weeks without providing reasons. The cancellation of the declaration shall be made in writing or by fax/e-mail. The time period designated for a cancellation commences with receipt of these instructions in writing, by fax or e-mail but not before the date the contract is concluded. To meet the deadline provided for a cancellation of the declaration, simply send the cancellation within the time prescribed. The cancellation of the declaration made must be sent to: Level Up Games Inc., ul. Sarmacka 14c/3, 02-972 Warsaw.

Effects of cancellation / withdrawal of the declaration
In case of an effective withdrawal / cancellation of the declaration, the parties shall mutually return any received payments and any received benefits (e.g. interest). If it is not possible to make a whole or partial refund, the value of the above service will be reimbursed. Liabilities arising from the reimbursement of payments shall be completed within 30 calendar days.

Special Notes
Right of cancellation/ withdrawal of the declaration made shall expire earlier if Level Up Games Inc., with the consent of a potential user, performs the service before the deadline for withdrawal or if a potential user himself/herself requests the service performance.

4. General user responsibilities

4.1 User Data
The user agrees to immediately notify Level Up Games Inc. of any changes to the data and information provided during registration. This applies especially to changes in the e-mail address if the user provided it. The user, upon Level Up Games Inc.’s request, must confirm the accuracy of the data provided by him/her.

4.2 Data entered during login, password

4.2.1The user is required to maintain the confidentiality of all his/her data entered during login, passwords and access keys. Login data can be entered only on the Tauri World and forum websites.

4.2.2 The terms ’Login data’ or ’Passwords and access keys’ shall mean any series of letters and / or signs and / or series of numbers that are used to authenticate users and exclude access by unauthorized third parties. The password should not be the same as the player’s name and should contain a combination of numbers and letters.

4.2.3 The user is obliged to protect his/her login data, passwords and access keys from unauthorized access by third parties.

4.2.4 In the event that the user has reasons to believe that unauthorized third parties have gained or can gain access to his/her data, he/she should immediately notify Level Up Games Inc. and change his/her access data or request Level Up Games Inc. to change it. In this case, or in the event of suspected misuse of the data, Level Up Games Inc. is also entitled to temporarily block access to the user’s account. The user shall gain access to his/her account after the cessation of suspicion of the misuse of his/her data.

4.2.5 Under no circumstances is the user authorized to use the access data belonging to another player, unless the game rules provide otherwise.

4.3 Use of Level Up Games Inc. websites and their contents

4.3.1 Level Up Games Inc. websites include all types of content, protected by intellectual property rights, copyrights and other rights of Level Up Games Inc. and third parties. If the following user terms do not specify otherwise, the user has no right to process, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, use for advertising, or use Level Up Games Inc. websites, their contents, or editorial contents contained on these pages in a manner that would be non-compliant with the purpose specified in the contract. Only reproduction in connection with performing a search for private purposes is allowed. Alteration, restriction or removal of comments regarding copyrights and brand names is prohibited.

4.3.2 The term ’Content’ shall mean all data, images, text, graphics, music, tones, series of tones, videos, programs, software codes and other information that Level Up Games Inc. provides on its websites. The term ’Content’ shall mean all offers of services available for downloading.

4.3.3 The user agrees to refrain from taking any measures which could hamper or jeopardize the operation of Level Up Games Inc. websites or individual services provided there. The user agrees not to access the data for the use of which he/she has no authorization. Data can be downloaded only in a fashion that does not interfere with the use of websites and their contents by other users. It is prohibited to send data or software that could have an impact on customers’ hardware or software.

4.3.4 Each use of Level Up Games Inc. websites for commercial purposes, especially advertising, requires the prior written consent of Level Up Games Inc.

4.3.5 The use of Level Up Games Inc. websites through anonymizing servers, hiding the user’s actual IP address, is prohibited.

4.4 Links
Placement of links on Level Up Games Inc. websites is allowed only if they serve exclusively as links (hyperlinks, hypertext links, links) to other websites. Level Up Games Inc. reserves the right to revoke this authorization. However, it is prohibited to affix or display websites or their content in frames using hyperlinks.

4.5 Using the user software
Level Up Games Inc. gives the user with respect to game offers for which prior software installation is necessary - a non-exclusive (regular) right to install and use the software, which is valid for the duration of the registration period at Level Up Games Inc. The reproduction of the software is only allowed in accordance with the use agreement. Any form of use of the software for commercial purposes is prohibited. Making changes to the software and the processing of assigned program codes to other forms (decompilation) and other ways of getting various stages of the software (reverse-engineering) are prohibited, unless the law states otherwise.

Cookies are computer data text files that are stored in the terminal equipment of a user who use services or applications of Level Up Games. Cookies usually contain the domain name web site of origin, the time keep them on the device and a unique number. Cookies do not suit to identify of an user personal data and based on them it is not possible to identify users personal data. Website publishers may place a cookie on your browser if your browser allows for that. The browser allows the website to access only the cookies placed by this site and not to other files placed by other websites. You may change setting of the cookies placing and delete existing ones at any time. More information can be found in the user manual provided by the manufacturer of your browser.

5. Specific terms of use of the Tauri World game

5.1 The user may participate in a particular world using only one game account, unless the rules of the game state otherwise. Using multiple user accounts is prohibited. In the above-described situation, Level Up Games Inc. may at any time exclude or block such users using multiple accounts simultaneously.

5.2 It is forbidden for the user to take any manipulative actions with respect to the game. In particular, he/she has no right to impose any measures, mechanisms or software that could interfere with the functioning of the game. The user may not take measures which result in excessive overload, beyond the technical capacity. It is prohibited to block, replace or modify the content generated by other players, as well as take any other actions that would interfere with the functioning of the game.

5.3 It is prohibited to access Tauri World (including all websites) through programs other than a web browser or software specially provided for this purpose. This applies in particular to the so-called ’bots’ (programs that automatically alter and add content or create new pages) and other ’tools’ that would replace or supplement the web interface. Scripts (such as programming languages used to control various processes through a browser, including storage and processing of the data entered), and fully or partially automated programs, providing the user with an advantage over other players, are prohibited. As for automated processes, they include the function automatic refresh (auto refresh), and other browser integrated mechanisms.

5.4 You may not under any circumstances:

a) create or use the so-called tricks, modifications and / or security breach programs, as well as any other software developed by third parties, changing the result of the game,
b) use the software enabling ’datamining’ or other software which enables interception and gathering of information in connection with the game,
c) the use of virtual items: bonuses, units, or game currency, the so-called ’guild cash’, etc. used in the game, outside the game through their purchase, sale or exchange for ’real money’.

This also applies to any tricks and activities of similar nature, whose effects are the same as those caused by the prohibited conduct.

5.5 It is prohibited to use measures which hide advertising. It does not matter whether an ad is deliberately obscured or it cannot be displayed at all, for example, by using pop-up blockers, text browsers, etc.

5.6 Logging may take place only on the game’s home page. It is forbidden to automatically open the user account regardless of whether the home page will also be open or not.

5.7 All rights to virtual items: bonuses, units, guild currency, etc. used in the Tauri World game belong only to Level Up Games Inc. or an authorized partner with whom an agreement was concluded. The same applies to virtual objects created by the user. The user provides Level Up Games Inc. with unlimited, exclusive rights to the use of such virtual objects created independently and without restrictions as to the area of application, time period and content. This right includes in particular reproduction, distribution and processing rights. With respect to virtual objects, the user receives only a non-exclusive right, valid for the period of the agreement.

6. Specific terms of communication (applying to the discussion forum, chat, or an internal alliance forum) on the Level Up Games Inc. website.

6.1 Level Up Games Inc. can provides the user with various means of communication (in particular, discussion forums, chats, blogs, internal forums, guest books, etc.) that he/she can use to upload his/her own content and entries to the company’s website. The user is allowed to use them whenever its possible. Level Up Games Inc. provides only technical capabilities for information exchange. The user is not entitled to request Level Up Games Inc. to make communication capabilities available.

6.2 The user bears the sole responsibility for the content and entries posted. The user agrees not to charge Level Up Games Inc. with claims by third parties. Level Up Games Inc. emphasizes that the contents posted by users are not its property. The user acknowledges, however, that Level Up Games Inc. has the permanent, irrevocable and nonexclusive right to use the content placed by the user on the website. Level Up Games Inc. does not actively supervise the contents of the website, but it has the ability to control said contents. The user can also notify Level Up Games Inc.about any content in reference to which there is a suspicion of non-compliance with applicable laws. Level Up Games Inc. will take appropriate actions including edition and removal of the reported content.

6.3 It is prohibited, particularly with regard to communication capabilities available to the user, to post or distribute on Level Up Games Inc.. websites, the content that:

6.4 Exchanging names of websites, companies or products is not allowed, especially when it serves advertising purposes.

6.5 All users using communication capabilities available on Level Up Games Inc. websites are required to use appropriate language. Insulting and attacking other people in an offensive manner is prohibited.

6.6 Regardless of any other rights resulting from the above general terms and conditions, Level Up Games Inc. has the right to change or partially or totally remove the content that violates these rules. Level Up Games Inc. has also the right to completely or temporarily block access to the World Tauri game or its forum for users who violate these rules.

7. The effects of violation of Tauri World terms and conditions

7.1 Level Up Games Inc. is not responsible for any losses resulting from breach of obligations described in general terms and conditions. In such a case the user is responsible for them.

7.2 Regardless of any other matters regulated by applicable laws and this agreement, Level Up Games Inc. has the right to take the following measures if the user violates the law, the rights of third parties, these general terms and conditions of use or any other applicable arrangements and additional game rules:

a) changing or deleting content,
b) user warning,
c) publication of information about misconduct in the Tauri World game with the user name disclosed,
d) temporary or permanent blockage of user access to the World Tauri game and the content contained on the Level Up Games Inc. website
e) the user’s exclusion
f) the issuance of a temporary or permanent ban on virtual access to Level Up Games Inc. websites in case of breach of clause 6, or
g) termination of the user agreement without prior notice

7.3 The user whose access to the game has been blocked or has been excluded from the game, cannot register again, without the prior consent of Level Up Games Inc. The user is not entitled to demand the lift of the blockade, exclusion, virtual ban on access to the companys’ websites or its services.

8. Fees

8.1 Unless otherwise stated, using the Tauri World game and other associated services is free.

8.2 The user may, however, purchase additional services and options within the Tauri World game. The user will be personally notified about paid options, their functions, the period in which those options will be available and methods of payment.

8.3 If an under-age use wants to purchase a paid option, the following is required: a written consent of his/her legal guardian for the transfer of money for the paid option or information that this money has been transferred to an under-age user for free use.

8.4 The determined fees will be required with the conclusion of the contract. Collection of fees is usually made through a payment institution, which received a relevant order. The transaction may be carried out a few days in advance to avoid unnecessary interruptions in the use of Tauri World game and other services. In specific situations, in addition to these terms and conditions, special terms and conditions required by an authorized payment institutions apply.

8.5 The user ensures that all information given in the payment transaction (in particular the data on your bank account, credit card number, etc.) is complete and correct.

8.6 Payment methods will vary depending on the country of payment and payment options available on a particular market. Level Up Games Inc. reserves the right to change the forms of payment.

8.7 Level Up Games Inc. reserves the right to change the amount and type of charges for the World Tauri game (including virtual currencies). This also includes the law for the purchases and sale of game options in the future concerning the reduction or increase of fees.

8.8 Ödeme gecikmesi durumunda kullanıcı yasal faizi ile tahsil edecektir. Level UP Games Inc. bir kullanıcı hesabının haklarını, hizmetlerini tazminat talebi için engelleyebilir.

8.9 Claims for payment should be directed to Level Up Games Inc., ul. Sarmacka 14C / 3, 02-972 Warsaw, Poland

9. Limitation of Liability

9.1 The user is personally responsible for a deliberate infringement of the rights of third parties. The user agrees to pay Level Up Games Inc.a compensation for any losses incurred by Level Up Games Inc. as a result of the user’s failure to follow the obligations prescribed in the terms of use. The user will not charge Level Up Games Inc. with any personal claims from other users or third parties for violation of their rights through the content posted by the user or as a result of a breach of other obligations related to participation in the Tauri World game and other related services, which are discussed above. The user will pay all the legal costs incurred in this respect by Level Up Games Inc. together with all judicial and procedural costs. This does not apply if the user is not liable for infringement.

9.2 Regardless of the legal causes, which may be a breach of the obligations determined in the contract or illegal activity, the liability of Level Up Games Inc. is ultimately determined by the following principles:

9.2.1 If Level Up Games Inc. provides a service free of charge, which is the basis for a liability claim, the company is only responsible for deliberate negligence.

9.2.2 In the case of paid services and any damage done to other people, Level Up Games Inc. is liable in an unrestricted manner for any deliberate negligence. In the event of breach of a significant contractual obligation, liability is limited to typical losses, which Level Up Games Inc. had to take into account at the time of the conclusion of the contract, based on the facts it knew at that time. ’Significant contractual obligations’ in the above mentioned understanding are those obligations which enable the proper execution of the agreement and fulfillment of its purpose. Their fulfillment constitutes the basis of user confidence.

9.2.3 Level Up Games Inc. is not liable for any failure in the website network.

9.2.4 In the situation mentioned in paragraph 9.2.3, Level Up Games Inc. is responsible for the loss of data only if the loss cannot be avoided by taking appropriate measures to save the user’s data.

9.2.5 Limitations of liability, described in paragraph 9.2.4, do not apply if Level Up Games Inc.provides a guarantee with respect to them, as well as in the case of a deliberate action by the user or in the case of life-threatening damage, injuries and in the case of violations of the applicable laws.

10. Duration of the contract; cancellation of user accounts

10.1 Unless stated differently in the Tauri World game or other Tauri World services, the contract for the use of the game Tauri World and services relating to the game Tauri World is concluded for an indefinite period of time. The contract period starts with the activation of the user account by Level Up Games Inc.

10.2 Both parties may at any time terminate the agreement with immediate effect, unless a specific duration period was established. If the agreement is concluded for a definite term, it can be terminated before the expiration of its duration. If no notice is filed, the agreement for a definite term will be automatically extended for the period originally established.

10.3 Each party of the contract has the right to terminate the contract for an important reason without providing notice. Such important reasons exist when:

a) the user is late with the payment of fees and defaults on them in spite of requests to make the required payments,
b) there are behaviors that significantly and adversely affect the outcome of the game and other participants,
c) tricks, modifications and / or security breaching programs as well as all other forms of software, tools or scripts are used that change the game result or the mechanism of the Tauri World game
d) the user’s account is used by third parties, except as provided in Section 5.1 of Terms and Conditions,
e) the user is using another person’s account or using multiple accounts on one world of Tauri, except situations stated in Section 5.1 of Terms and Conditions,
f) the user uses the virtual objects used in the World Tauri outside the game, trying to buy them, sell or swap for a charge made in the ’real’ money or
g) the user violates existing law, Terms of Use and / or game rules.

10.4 Any notice of termination must be provided in writing. Notice sent by e-mail needs to be confirmed in writing.

10.5 In justified cases (e.g. long inactivity) Level Up Games Inc. has the right to remove the user’s account. Level Up Games Inc. has the ability, when it sees fit, to remove users’ accounts upon expiration of the contracts concluded with them.

11. Privacy policy

11.1 The user’s personal data will be collected, processed or used only with the user’s consent, or when it is in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the protection of personal data.

12. Applicable law, jurisdiction

12.1 The Polish law applies with the exception of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

12.2 If due to the place of residence the user is not subject to Polish jurisdiction, the court of jurisdiction for settling all and any disputes shall be the court of jurisdiction for Level Up Games Inc. Level Up Games Inc. also has the right to file claims at the user’s court of jurisdiction.

13. Changes to terms of use, other information, communication, Salvatorian clause

13.1 Level Up Games Inc. reserves the right to make changes to these terms of use. During login users users will be notified of any changes made to these terms at least two weeks prior to becoming valid. Level Up Games Inc. reserves the right to send users by e-mail the revised general terms and conditions or notify them about the possibility to get acquainted about with changes made on Level Up Games Inc. websites. The user declares his/her acceptance of the changed terms of use by re-logging into the Tauri World game, after the amendments in the general terms and conditions come into force. Level Up Games Inc. shall inform users about the date the changes shall come into force, the right to withdraw from the contract and the legal consequences of their acceptance.

13.2 The user has the right to transfer the rights and obligations under this agreement to another user only with the prior written consent from Level Up Games Inc.

13.3 The user is entitled for the compensation only if the claim has been legally determined, recognized by Level Up Games Inc. or is indisputable. The user can use the right to withhold payment only if it is related to claims under this contract.

13.4 Unless these terms of use state otherwise, communication between the parties will take place by e-mail. The user will assure that the e-mail address provided by him during registration is regularly checked for messages received from Level Up Games Inc. The user contacting Level Up Games Inc. must give his/her user account name

13.5 Any amendment and / or repeal of any of the following terms of use must be in writing. This applies also with respect to changes and / or repeal of this written form requirement.

13.6 If particular provisions of these general terms and condition become or are ineffective and / or remain in conflict with applicable laws, it shall not affect the remaining terms of use. Principles (rights and duties) not specified in the general terms of conditions, or any provisions incompliant with applicable laws and regulations shall be properly regulated by Level Up Games Inc. and entered into the general terms and conditions.

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